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A diamond in the rough

Emanating from the famed Cullinan mines of South Africa, this majestic 59.89ct cushion-cut diamond takes centre stage in a one-of-a-kind pink diamond bangle.

Acquired as an impressive 120ct rough diamond in 2014, David Morris CEO and principal designer Jeremy Morris saw the true potential within the stone. Knowing that it would yield the perfect proportions and contours of a beautiful cushion-cut, the stone was sent to New York’s pre-eminent diamond cutter where 8 painstaking months were spent before the breathtaking diamond you see here was revealed.

The 120ct Rough Diamond
The 120ct rough diamond

Situated in the town of Cullinan on the outskirts of Pretoria, South Africa, the Cullinan Mine owes its historic fame to the largest rough diamond of gem quality ever uncovered. The Cullinan Diamond weighed an incredible 3,106ct and was gifted by the South African government to the King of England, Edward VII.

The largest gem from the stone is the pear-shaped Cullinan I and at 530.40cts is the largest polished white diamond in the world. It is now mounted in the head of the Sceptre with the Cross and, along with other stones cut from this gem, sits in the Crown Jewels of England. Cullinan himself died in 1936 but his mine has continued to unearth the largest and most famous gems ever known, such as this one.

Back in London, this exceptional diamond returned to the Bond Street flagship atelier where Jeremy Morris spent many hours perfecting the design of a bangle which is both striking and bold, and yet delicate and feminine in equal measure.

In excess of 300 hours were spent translating Jeremy’s design sketches and, with the assistance of CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology, producing a perfect wax mould into which molten 18ct rose and white gold was poured. Once the wax had melted, the striking bangle was revealed and an additional 100 hours were spent in the fine setting of 10.62cts of pink and white fancy-cut diamonds which make up the arresting en tremblant petals.

Sketch Of The 59.89ct Cushion Cut Bangle
Sketch of the 59.89ct cushion cut bangle

At 59.89cts, and boasting the finest D colour grading from the esteemed GIA (Gemological Association of America) laboratory, this diamond truly is a rare commodity. Adding to its incredible allure is the additional accreditation bestowed upon it in being granted ‘Finest Water/Type IIa’ diamond status.

An excerpt from the “Finest Water” Appendix, which accompanies the diamond certificate, appears below:

‘This diamond of 59.89cts combines such exceptional characteristics as to display this particular quality of the “finest water”. Type IIa diamonds of this kind and size, exhibiting these superior qualities, are very rare. Such diamonds have been unearthed in limited numbers from various sources around the world (e.g. South Africa, Brazil and India).’

Jeremy Morris took his inspiration for the design of this exceptional bangle from the incredible qualities portrayed in this “finest water” diamond. Envisaging the stone as the cool, limpid waters of a pond, the swaying of the lilies floating upon it came to represent the movement of the delicate pink diamond petals. Each one has been individually secured to ensure independent, graceful movement, dancing and playing on the water like a pink reflection at sunset.

Intentionally unnamed, Jeremy Morris will grant naming rights to whoever comes to own this magnificent stone of exceptional fire and brilliance; one of exceedingly few large cushion-cut diamonds available in the world today.

59.89ct Brilliant Cut Cushion Diamond
59.89ct brilliant cut cushion diamond

Completed just this week, David Morris is proud to present the little sister bangle, with a 10ct pear shape diamond using the same rough diamond.

10ct White Diamond Pear Shape Bangle With Pink Micro Set Petals In 18ct Red And White Gold
10ct White Diamond Pear Shape Bangle With Pink Micro Set Petals In 18ct Red And White Gold
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A diamond in the rough
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