David Morris’s new High Jewellery collection harnesses revolutionary modern technologies to breathe new life and energy into an ancient craft. Named Dimensions, the eight-piece collection features designs that combine the David Morris signatures of colour, coveted gemstones and creative flair, with ever more daring designs.


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Reticella Cuff


Reticella cuff is an extraordinary example of natural beauty enhanced by human endeavour. Named after an Italian needle lace and meaning ‘small net’, the cuff’s intricate, finely detailed sprung mechanism is a highly technical composition.

“I adore designing with pink Conch pearls, and the Reticella cuff is made with a remarkable collection of these extremely rare gemstones.”

David Morris Dimensions Reticella Cuff (2) Web
David Morris Dimensions Reticella Cuff (4) Web
Opal Ring Po0828 Renderweb



The collection’s ring is a classic oval design, injected with a contemporary twist that brings together Australian black opal and Brazilian Paraíba Tourmaline, two unusual and striking gemstones that have become a feature of recent David Morris High Jewellery collections.


“Technologies such as 3D printing are enabling us to explore uncharted territory when designing High Jewellery pieces”

The ring’s simple, symmetrical design celebrates the beauty of the large central stone, a stunning 10-carat black opal displaying the stone’s characteristic kaleidoscopic colour. Surrounding the stone is a setting of white diamonds, with the shank also set with delicate electric-blue Paraíba gemstones, each one cut in a different size.

David Morris Dimensions Opal Cocktail Ringweb
David Morris Dimensions Venetian Choker (3) Web

Venetian Collar


A piece showcasing a remarkable collection of jewels gathered by CEO and Creative Director Jeremy Morris over a number of years. The collar’s 52 carats of velvet-blue round and pear shape sapphires appear to flash from within as the wearer moves, their vibrant colour accented by white diamonds and the electricblue hue of rare Brazilian Paraíba Tourmaline.

“It’s actually very freeing creatively, knowing that you can experiment with the wildest of ideas, without any unwelcome surprises during production or once a piece is finished.”

Punto in Aria white diamond collar


Named after the extraordinary style of lace that originated in Venice, which literally means ‘points in the air’, this ornate collar design is made with scintillating full-cut and pavé white diamonds. Concealed behind the collar’s jewels are hundreds of tiny handmade hinges, giving the piece a beautifully light and fluid quality that feels soft in the hand yet holds its form beautifully upon the curves of the collar bone.

David Morris Dimensions Punto In Aria Chokerweb2
David Morris Dimensions Duchesse Earringsweb

Duchesse diamond drop earrings


Featuring a feminine, floral-inspired motif that once again draws upon the fine detailing of handmade lace, with intense-pink diamonds radiating from the central rose cut white diamond.

“With these new technologies at our fingertips, in terms of design and craftsmanship, the possibilities feel limitless.”

Medici Burmese ruby and white diamond collar


Inspired by the grandeur of historical portraits and fashions, the delicacy of the design’s composition maximises the intense-red glow of the 86 carats of cushion and oval-cut rubies, which are surrounded by beautiful pear and fancy shaped white diamonds and set in white gold. Matching earrings available.

David Morris Dimensions Medici Necklaceweb
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