Enchanted Isle David Morris

Enchanted Isle

For its new High Jewellery collection, the House of David Morris travels to Mykonos, a vibrant jewel set in the Aegean Sea, where crystal-clear ocean meets sun-drenched colour and Managing & Creative Director Jeremy Morris escapes for design inspiration.

David Morris Yellow Cuff Bangle

Shades of summer

The carnival of colour and carefree escapism that Mykonos conjures are celebrated via bold colour choices and one-of-a-kind pieces. This spectacular flexi cuff, embellished with over 60 carats of fancy vivid yellow and white diamonds, showcases the design ingenuity and glorious hues that have come to define David Morris jewellery.


David Morris Waterfall Diamond Earrings

The call of the sea

Seventy steps from Jeremy’s Mykonos home, down a stony cliff path, lies a calm and secluded cove. It comes as little surprise, then, that the enchanting ebb and flow of the ocean informs the collection’s pieces. The gentle, rippling movement of these mesmerising white diamond earrings is an homage to the designer’s favourite island beach.


“Enchanted Isle whisks the wearer on a remarkable journey”

David Morris Ruby Flower Earrings

Vibrant island life

In Mykonos, design inspiration can be found around every corner, whether strolling along streets lined with brightly painted houses or via the colourful flora and fauna that brighten up the island every summer. Drawing upon vibrant native wildflowers, Jeremy has created a unique pair of intricate floral motif earrings to showcase the beauty of exquisite Burmese rubies.


David Morris Emerald Necklace

Block 4: Verdant beauty

A breath-taking adaptation of the popular Pirouette collection design, Jeremy Morris has created a one-of-a-kind collar using the finest radiant green emeralds from Colombia. To further enhance the emeralds’ strikingly intense hue, the stones are deftly paired with scintillating pear- and cushion-cut white diamonds.


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