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Paraiba Tourmalines

This unique stone, found only on Brazil’s tropical coastline, has a vividness and intensity of colour unequalled by any other gem in the world

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Paraiba Tourmalines David Morris Jewellery

A true hidden gem

The story of this neon-bright tourmaline’s discovery is as intriguing as the stone itself. Hidden for many years beneath hills in the north-eastern Brazilian state of Paraíba, and only discovered in the 1980s, within just a few decades it had become the world’s most prized tourmaline.

Paraiba Tourmaline Ring High Jewellery

Finding the fire

What distinguishes the rarest Paraíba Tourmalines from the wide colour spectrum of tourmalines found elsewhere in Brazil is their unmistakable, lucid glow – a wonderful peculiarity that is impossible to replicate or find in any other stone, anywhere in the world.

“Once faceted, Paraíba Tourmaline appears to give off an intense ‘fire’ and glow.”

Paraiba Tourmaline David Morris Jewellery

For the love of colour

Considering the House’s love of colour and rarity, it is little wonder that Paraíba Tourmaline has become a favourite amongst the designers and artisans of our Bond Street atelier, where Paraíba are crafted into exquisite High Jewellery creations.

Paraiba Tourmaline David Morris High Jewellery

An electrifying collection of stones

Paraíba Tourmalines of any significant size are notoriously rare, especially given that the only mine in Brazil has now yielded all of its gems. This makes the collection offered by David Morris all the more remarkable.

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