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For those seeking timeless appeal and rich colour, sapphires are the stone of choice.

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Sapphire Earrings High Jewellery

Stones that tell a story

Every David Morris design is centered around the stone itself. From our Bond Street atelier in London, master craftsmen transform the world’s most sought-after sapphires into truly one-of-a-kind pieces of High Jewellery.

Rare Sapphire Earrings High Jewellery

In pursuit of perfection

The rarity of newly-discovered sapphires makes these remarkable stones in high demand the world over. Though many of the mines that yielded history’s greatest sapphires are now inaccessible, our passion for this particular stone enables us to source extraordinary sapphires for our remarkable jewellery designs.

“Sapphires have long stood as symbols of fortune, virtue, wisdom and sincerity”

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A journey into the blue

The most important quality in any sapphire is colour, and for the sapphires in our collections we select only the most beautiful velvet-blue stones, a deep but slightly smoky royal blue made famous by the unmistakable sapphires of Kashmir.

Sapphire Necklace High Jewellery

Contemporary creations

The daring creativity in design of David Morris sapphire jewellery is equalled by meticulous time-honoured craftsmanship. Though always inspired by the natural beauty of the stone itself, our sapphire jewellery creations showcase the contemporary flair that has become a House signature.

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