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Maelstrom – One of A Kind Rings

David Morris builds upon an assortment of one-of-a-kind coloured gems inspired by a Maelstrom. A selection of rings which combine the rarest and most exquisite stones with traditional materials, entwined to create a swirling spiral that subtly elevates the centre stone. These incredibly unique rings have been crafted and formed with the most sought after handpicked gemstones. Each ring has its own unique story to tell yet all our bound by the same inspiration, a Maelstrom, a powerful meeting of opposing currents that spiral to create one of nature’s most powerful wonders. The meeting of two different paths: the fusion of David Morris’ traditional atelier and approach to the craft with the modern art and design of jewellery making.

Designed by the David Morris in-house team, who have stayed true to the brands philosophy and crafted around the centre stone. Each precious large gem takes centre stage, with smaller brilliant cut stones hand placed, gradually swirling around to encase the heart of the ring.

A jewellery house with over half a century of experience, David Morris is a connoisseur of craftsmanship and bespoke jewellery. One-of-a-kind pieces is at the core of the brand and the foundations of the heritage it has been built on. Five exceptional rings proudly respectively showcasing some of the finest exquisite coloured gemstones.

Each colour has been chosen for the separate rings; a 20.13ct Paraiba tourmaline – often described as the colour of a tropical sea – are universally admired for their electric-blue hue. David Morris is home to some of the most intensely coloured tourmaline stones. An intense 7.13 Ruby cushion, seen to represent love and passion, this precious gem has long been associated with royalty and wealth. A pure white 4.01ct oval diamond, which has become one of the most sought after stones and features here in its highest quality colour and artfully placed with sapphires and Paraiba allowing its inherent beauty to truly sparkle. A coloured diamond is a true masterpiece, both mesmerising and breathtaking for its incredible hue and rarity. Finally, an exceedingly rare 16.65ct cabochon opal, with its multi coloured layers and rich tones, it is difficult to fathom that nature could produce something so intensely exquisite.

To mark the New Year, the design team have added to the collection with a one-of-a-kind Sri Lankan ruby, which has been cleverly crafted to sit atop micro-set pink diamonds to ensure its colour captivates the eye of those who wear it.

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Maelstrom – One of A Kind Rings
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