The House of David Morris unveils a series of one-of-a-kind pieces incorporating truly remarkable gemstones, carefully collected over the years, into visionary designs for the modern high jewellery collector.


It is not unusual for CEO and Creative Director Jeremy Morris, like his father before him, to hold onto the most exceptional gemstones for many years before they may finally find their place within one of his unique jewellery creations.

Today, the magnificent new Empress choker is a prime example of this patient approach; a long wait rewarded with a remarkable, singular piece. The starting point for this creation was an astonishing collection of iridescent natural pearls – over 240 carats in total – gathered together by Jeremy Morris over decades and from across the globe. Remarkably, these pearls of various shapes and sizes each possess the same pure, silvery-white hue, surely destined to be united in one spectacular piece. Having amassed such a trove of complementary pearls, Jeremy Morris then sought inspiration from the Mughal Empire, which covered much of modern-day India, where pearls were coveted and worn by Emperors and Empresses alike.

10 05 544 Pearl Diam Chocker Necklace Bust

The Empress Choker

The choker’s highly intricate, meticulously engineered design is a bejewelled interpretation of the ornamental ‘Jali’ carved lattice screens seen throughout the traditional architecture of India; a complex mix of geometric shapes, pearls and diamonds, including the House’s signature rose cut white diamonds and fancy pink diamonds, in a delicate white and rose gold setting. Combining the rarest-of-the-rare gemstones and David Morris hand craftsmanship, the Empress necklace is a once-in-a-lifetime creation.




“This year has afforded us the luxury of time to reflect on and revisit the collection of extraordinary gemstones we have gathered over the years,” says Jeremy Morris of these new pieces.”

10 01 1018 Constellation Necklace

The Constellation Necklace

The Constellation necklace, meanwhile, offers an alternative twist on dramatic diamonds. The combination of kite shape, emerald cut and round cut diamonds creates an unusual and interesting silhouette, reminiscent of a constellation of stars visible at night and catching the light beautifully. The delicate white gold setting of the design ensures that the diamond cuts take centre stage, giving each one the illusion of floating on the skin individually. This flexible design curves up and around the neck, culminating in a trio of emerald cut white diamonds.



“More than ever, our designs celebrate and take inspiration from the glorious colour and splendour of the world’s finest jewels.”

11 03 1082 Emct Ruby 6 22ct Diam Ring

The Solaris Ring

This captivating new creation ignites the fire, energy and wonder synonymous with the world’s most desirable rubies. The Solaris ring draws inspiration from the light and warmth of the sun, and the powerful symbolism of rubies, to create a spectacular and one-of-a-kind piece. At its centre sits a mesmerising 6-carat emerald-cut ruby, its deep-red glow complemented by a delicate rose-gold claw setting, and enhanced by pear-shaped white diamonds.

11 01 3025 8 24ct Cush Diam Ring

The Feather Ring

Back down to earth, the Feather cocktail ring expertly combines classic white diamonds with the fancy pink diamonds that have, over the years, become a House signature. The scintillating 8-carat white diamond cushion at its centre is made all the more magnificent thanks to the blossom-pink diamonds, interspersed with white diamonds, that swirl around the central stone in sweeping, feather-like forms.


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