The True Gems of Bond Street

Women have long been a driving force in the David Morris story. Suzette Morris, the wife of David Morris, played a key role in establishing her husband’s eponymous house in 1962, and a strong female influence is very much in evidence, whether it be through the women for whom the House creates its extraordinary designs, or the team behind the scenes who are powering the brand today.

Here, to mark International Women’s Day, we meet them.



Sumi Kim

Sumi Kim

Head Designer

Right on time for International Women’s Day, we welcome Sumi Kim as the House’s first female Head Designer, Sumi Kim. She came to The London Jeweller from Paris, where she lived and worked for 10 years. Since arriving at our Bond Street atelier Sumi has drawn much inspiration from one of the world’s most creative and culturally rich cities – not to mention the unique style of the David Morris client  – and, of course, the wondrous and incredibly rare and colourful gemstones in the House’s possession.

Favourite David Morris design: “Rose Cut. A classic.”

Julie Joseph Standing

Julie Joseph

General Manager

In over three decades of working at David Morris, Julie has seen a remarkable level of change and growth, and witnessed the birth of some iconic collections and incredible one-of-a-kind creations. Julie believes that the brand’s success stems from the unique set-up of its close-knit team, everybody playing their part, from Front of House to behind the scenes.

Favourite David Morris design: “Rose Cut is a classic, small enough for daywear but with statement pieces too. I was here when we launched Rose Cut all those years ago, and at the time no one was using rose cut diamonds. Following our lead, the cut has since made a real comeback.”

Cecily Morris

Cecily Morris

Global Digital and Brand Content Executive

From planning photography shoots to pushing the button on social media strategy, Cecily works across multiple communication channels to ensure that the extraordinary pieces crafted here in London can be seen the world over. She shares a love of colourful jewels with her father, CEO and Creative Director Jeremy Morris, and can often be spotted slipping into the atelier to snatch a glimpse of individual gemstones before they’re crafted into a spectacular piece of jewellery. Next up, Cecily is focusing on furthering the brand’s digital presence and preparing for the next advertising campaign, launching in 2021.

Favourite David Morris design: “A gemstone, rather than a piece! It has to be Paraiba tourmaline.”

Louise De Turckheim

Louise de Turckheim

Director of Global Marketing & Communications

Coming from a family of enthusiastic collectors of jewellery, Louise was perhaps destined to forge a successful career working with the world’s most extraordinary. Louise’s father often chose David Morris pieces as a gift for her mother, and she has inherited an eye for rare gemstones and design ingenuity. As the woman responsible for marketing the brand globally, Louise has a sharp sense of what makes David Morris different, citing its commitment to originality, and still being family owned and run, as completely setting it apart from other brands.

Favourite David Morris design: “The Pearl Deco earrings. It’s a challenge to make pearls look modern and contemporary, but Jeremy Morris has managed to design pieces that are timeless and graceful enough to wear on your wedding day, to a work event or with a t-shirt, which shows an incredible understanding of how women want to wear their jewellery today.”

Muni Adamjee

Muni Adamjee

Director of VIP Sales

Muni’s Pakistani heritage, a culture in which jewellery holds high importance, has led her into the world of fine jewellery, and has been a strength to the David Morris brand for more than 20 years. David Morris was already a well-established name in Pakistan – Benazir Bhutto, the country’s first female Prime Minister, was a David Morris client – and today Muni’s incredible knowledge of our international clientele’s tastes is invaluable in the creation of unique High Jewellery. Muni has established close relationships with some of the world’s leading jewellery collectors, and often has a specific client in mind as an exceptional piece takes shape in the atelier.

Favourite David Morris design: “I adore our one-off pieces, but with its clean lines and wonderful workmanship, the Pirouette collection is very special.”

Suzette Morris

Suzette Morris


As her husband David was preparing to open his debut boutique, the creative Mrs. Morris was completing her studies at Saint Martin’s School of Art, and helping to create the space’s first interior design schemes and window displays. At the height of the ‘youth quake’ sweeping early ‘60s London, Suzette and her peers sought something completely different from the jewellery that their mothers were wearing ­– pieces that were fun, casual and colourful. The first Saturday of opening, women queued down the street to see David Morris’ new jewellery vision. The rest, as they say, is history.

Favourite David Morris design: “The necklace we created for the Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies. It was a best-selling piece for years and looked beautiful on every woman.”