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Mentioned as one of the 4C’s, the carat of a diamond is a large factor when purchasing or analysing this classic gem. Not only does the carat influence the visual beauty of the stone, but it also contributes to the final value and quality. In simple terms, diamonds are measured in carats, which refers to the weight rather than the actual size/dimensions. This ultimately means that the larger the carat, the heavier the diamond will be.

For David Morris engagement rings we select diamonds of 0.50 carats and above. As a guide, one carat is the equivalent of 0.2g. For professional advice on choosing an engagement ring, explore the David Morris guide to finding the perfect engagement ring or arrange a consultation with one of our diamond experts.

The different diamond carats

A precise measuring scale is required to determine the weight of the diamond, providing an accurate and calibrated digital scale for designers and customers. Different diamond carats are better suited to certain jewellery pieces, and consumers can choose pieces which cater to their specifications and personal style.

0.10 – 0.40

The smaller of diamond carats, these stones are more affordable, and smaller in weight. Stones in this range may be smaller than 5mm across but still possess a glamorous brilliance and clarity. Wedding bands or eternity rings crafted with stones of this size and weight make perfect stacking rings as they can be paired with higher-carat jewels. A stone of this weight offers a more minimalist style and is often preferred by those looking for something dainty or simple.

0.50 – 0.90

A popular choice for engagement rings, diamonds of this weight are typically big enough to be eye-catching but are still moderate in their size. A stone surrounded by a circle of smaller stones referred to as a halo setting, is a favoured choice with these diamond carats as it creates the effect of a larger stone and presents a dazzling finish.

1.0 – 1.5

For diamonds at this carat, value begins to climb. A larger, more visible stone is a popular choice for jewellery designed to make a statement and is seen amongst high jewellery collections and rare diamond sets. Diamonds are also crafted with a range of different shapes meaning you can personalise and equal out your jewel.

2.0 – 5.0

Designed to make a statement, these weights are rare, glamorous and extravagant. A large diamond carat will carry a lot of value and is often used as a statement piece for fashion and luxury lifestyles. A stone of this size is however more difficult to find with a high level of clarity and pure colour due to the intense rarity that surrounds them.

What is a carat?

While many confuse carat as a measurement of physical size, it is a measurement of weight used to describe diamonds and other gemstones such as rubies, emeralds or opals.

As an exmaple, one carat equals 0.2 grams.

How big is a carat?

A carat is interchangeable with weight, not with the size of a gemstone. For example, due to a change in density, a one-carat round diamond may measure 6.0mm, while a one-carat round emerald might measure 7.0mm. Shape, cut, and depth also determine how large a carat appears and will be discussed when designing or choosing a piece of jewellery.

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