Timeless High Jewellery Selected and Crafted by David Morris

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White Diamonds

Throughout the ages and across cultures, few stones have possessed the power to captivate as the glittering brilliance of a white diamond. A David Morris White Diamond offers all the luxury and classic attire needed for an unforgettable moment.


Handcrafted in our New Bond Street atelier, arrange a complimentary consultation with our diamond experts and find your dream David Morris piece.

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Rare Coloured Diamonds

The rarest diamonds of all, with an astonishing colour spectrum that makes them globally sought-after and a truly unique choice for bespoke creations. Gifting an original appearance, David Morris rare diamonds are crafted from the highest quality diamonds and are the apitome of high style.

Ruby 3 from david morris


A signature of the House of David Morris is the glorious celebration of colour, and nowhere is this more striking than in our incredible ruby creations. Handcrafted in our London atelier, our range of flawless ruby jewellery comes with traditional and deep history.

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Every David Morris design is centered around the sapphire stone itself. From our Bond Street atelier in London, master craftsmen transform the world’s most sought-after sapphires into truly one-of-a-kind pieces of High Jewellery. Find out more about the true meaning of high jewellery through our article on the difference between high and fine jewellery plus a look into the history of the Sapphire Stone.

Emerald 3 from david morris


The radiant glow of emeralds has proved irresistible to queens, emperors and collectors of High Jewellery for thousands of years. With a rich history and charming aesthetic, David Morris emeralds are crafted with the rarest, most sought after gems.

Opal 2 from david morris


Long hailed as a mythical and fiery gem, contemporary opal jewellery makes an unexpected and individual statement. Our range of luxury opal jewellery are the perfect option for those looking for a unique yet classic style. Book a consultation with our high jewellery experts for a luxury experience.

Pearl 4 from david morris


A master of reinvention, pearls always feel fresh and modern, and remain as relevant and in demand as ever. Classic and elegant, David Morris pearl jewellery are an everlasting style crafted from the purest gems.


Extraordinary Pieces

View our extensive stone guide spanning across the colour spectrum, with gemstones ranging from striking emeralds, velvety sapphires and spinel to magical opals and some of the most rarest coloured diamonds. Reimagined in rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, these one-of-a-kind stones have been used to create some of our most magnificent High Jewellery pieces which have become iconic for the brand.

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