A life-long fascination with the dramatic skies above has inspired a captivating new High Jewellery collection

Named after CEO and Creative Director Jeremy Morris’s youngest daughter, Skye, and inspired by the awe-inspiring natural phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis, the collection is highly personal and meaningful, while cleverly capturing an aurora’s evanescent light display in beautifully crafted High Jewellery pieces that will bring joy for many years to come.




David morris mosaico emerald choker vertical from david morris
Mosaico Choker

The important Mosaico emerald choker features elements of both for a thrilling, abstract interpretation of a sky illuminated in technicolour light. The choker’s complex, mosaic-like design harmoniously fuses multiple sizes and cuts of white diamonds and emeralds to conjure the layered beauty and shape-shifting nature of an aurora, completed by a wondrous, 15-carat Colombian emerald at its centre.

David morris starburst bangle from david morris
Starburst cuff

The electric-blue hue of Paraiba tourmaline are fast becoming a new David Morris signature, and the Skye collection presents several one-of-a-kind pieces featuring this truly unique gemstone. The Starburst cuff’s blue sapphires and white diamonds are set in an intricate geometric composition that mimics flashing strobes of starlight, accented with neon-bright Paraiba tourmalines that appear to explode from within.

David morris horizon ring from david morris
Horizon ring

The striking Horizon ring recreates the colours of a vivid pink aurora through a stunning, 34-carat salmon-pink padparadscha, complemented by a setting of blush-pink and white diamond chevrons.


David Morris, The London Jeweller, established in 1962, continues on the principle of creating unique and imaginative pieces to exacting standards.


With an innate flair for the art of jewellery, by combining rare and exquisite stones with traditional materials, David Morris creates jewellery that transcends generations, each design expressing ingenuity, creativity and unparalleled quality.


In addition to its boutiques in the Middle East, the brand has flagship stores in London and Paris.

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