Breathtaking underwater seascapes have inspired a captivating High Jewellery collection

Inspired by the natural wonders that thrive in this underwater cosmos, such as the sculptural forms of manta rays, the vivacious hues of coral reefs, and the vibrant shades of sea anemones, the collection explores breathtaking seascapes played out in some of the world’s most magnificent jewels.

The Mystic Cove collection invites us to plunge beneath the tranquil waters of an idyllic lagoon, engulfed by exotic flowers, wild foliage, and accompanied by tropical birdsong. This hidden utopia reveals its precious secrets as we delve into its depths, seeking secret treasures.




“Our oceans are a treasure trove of astounding diversity and spectacular colours,” says Jeremy Morris of the collection. “When we explore their depths, taking inspiration from their unique creatures and plant life, the parallels with rare diamonds and coloured gemstones are fascinating. This underwater universe is hugely inspiring to me, and the Mystic Cove collection is a tribute to its wondrous beauty.”

Oceanica ring ig from david morris
Oceanica ring

The Mystic Cove collection begins with a celebration of Paraiba tourmalines, which have become synonymous with the brand in recent years. Their oceanic palette perfectly captures the ice blue hue of tropical waters, and when paired with white diamonds, they evoke sparkling sunlight dancing across the water’s surface.

Often, a ring’s centre stone will determine the idea developed by David Morris’ designers, dictating its line and volume, and the team masterfully responds to its individual contours and colour palette. Featuring a 6.75 carat Paraiba tourmaline, the Odyssey ring blooms from the finger akin to the shapely curves of a sea anemone adorning a reef.

Manta ring ig from david morris
Manta ring

The House’s artisanal prowess and sourcing expertise is further illustrated by the Manta ring, featuring a rare and unusual 33.40 carat half-moon cabochon emerald. Jeremy Morris personally seeks out these rarities, always inspiring and challenging his design team. This emerald’s sculptural silhouette required a holistic blend of masterful jewellery setting and avant-garde technology to achieve the fluted surround that echoes the manta ray’s wings serenely gliding through still waters.

Pasiflora set ig 3 from david morris
Passiflora necklace

While Paraiba tourmalines speak to the cool hues of the cove’s waters, it is a combination of Sugar Loaf Colombian emeralds and multi-hued sapphires that bring technicolour reefs and surrounding blooms to life. In the Passiflora necklace, each stone is hand-selected and expertly arranged to create masterful progressions of light and shade. This adventurous aesthetic continues with the Passiflora earrings which are crafted in the same hues

Lagoon amaryllis earrings from david morris
Lagoon Amaryllis Earrings

From the vivid shade of carnelian red sea urchins, to the flowing fronds of burgundy seaweed, there are far more red hues to be found on the sea bed than one might expect. Riffing on a fan motif once more, the elegant Lagoon Amaryllis earrings hold breathtaking rubies at their core, with unfurling diamond-set surrounds emphasising their rich, unheated hue. Ending on a crescendo of bold colour and commanding silhouettes, the collection’s focus turns to the enticing glow and tactile curves of cushion cut rubies, contrasted with the finest white diamonds.


Atlantis cuff ig from david morris
Atlantis cuff

Cuffs have become an increasing important category for the House, and the Mystic Cove collection features an especially splendid design, the Atlantis cuff, which is set with over 16 carats of white diamonds and almost 9 carats of Fancy Pink diamonds. This is a piece for the upper echelon of diamond connoisseurs and a once-in-a-lifetime investment – it combines exceptional artistry and ingenious engineering to achieve its flexible and geometric feel.


Travelling the world in pursuit of the finest diamonds and coloured gemstones, CEO and Creative Director Jeremy Morris has always had a personal fascination with the intriguing realm beneath our beautiful oceans, in awe of its exuberant colour and unique flora and fauna.


Combining rare and exquisite stones with traditional materials, David Morris creates jewellery that transcends generations, each design expressing creativity and unparalleled quality.


In addition to its boutiques in the Middle East, the brand has flagship stores in London and Paris.

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