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A Wedding Band Guide by David Morris

Playing an important part of any wedding ceremony, the wedding band is the ultimate symbol of love and commitment. Dating back thousands of years, the circular fit is a resemblance of infinity or in this case, endless love. Crafted from precious metal and exchanged between a married couple, wedding bands tend to adorn simplistic designs and sit perfectly with the already-placed engagement ring. Accompanied by vows which pledge love, faithfulness and commitment, a wedding band holds all those promises and is a constant reminder of the admiration shared.

Whether you have your date set or just want to explore your options, discover our selection of luxury wedding bands or book a consultation with one of the David Morris experts!

Things to consider when buying a wedding bands

After embarking on your engagement ring journey, finding the perfect wedding band may come with some new questions and dilemmas. Who is responsible for buying the wedding bands? How much should you be spending? Does it need to be the same style as the engagement ring? Are you after a plain band or a diamond? With all the planning and excitement surrounding the wedding, it’s important to not only remember the band but make sure you find the right one for you and your partner. Although you may now have some ring experience, this guide will talk you through the essential moments and how to find the perfect wedding band!

Ring style

From diamond sets to shaped rings, there are several ring styles out there which can be considered for a wedding band. Although wedding bands may look simple and minimal, there are still certain features which you must consider including the width of the band, the metal choice, the shape, diamond placements, personalisation and matching wedding sets.

David Morris handcrafts a selection of different wedding band styles including diamond, plain, D-shaped, court and flat court. We also have a selection of men’s wedding bands designed in a range of different finishings.

Complementing the engagement ring

One of the most important parts of buying the wedding band is ensuring it will complement the engagement ring and any wedding jewellery sets you plan on wearing. Traditionally, these two jewellery pieces will be styled together, meaning the metal, colour and style will sit together perfectly. Shop our range of engagement rings or unravel our professional guide to finding the perfect engagement ring.

Ring size

Finding the right ring size for the wedding band is a much easier task as you will typically shop for these as a couple or you will already have the measurements from previous experience. However, if the fit isn’t quite right, you can always return the ring, provided that it is unused and still in all the original packaging.

Your budget

Your budget for the band will be a personal preference and will be something you and your partner will ultimately discuss and agree on. The average cost a couple spend on a wedding ring in the UK is around £1000, however, this figure can change depending on your personal circumstances, your financial position and the desired ring you’re looking to buy.

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Choosing the style of your wedding band

One of the first aesthetic features you will consider when choosing a wedding band will be the shape. There are three main types of wedding ring shapes including court shaped, D-shaped and shaped. These shapes compliment different engagement rings and will depend on personal preference and the style you’re going for.

Court-shaped rings

Court wedding rings are considered a wedding classic with a straight construction all the way around the top and bottom.

D-shaped rings

These ring types are straight all around the top and bottom and are curved on the outside and flat on the inside, creating a D shape style.

Shaped rings

A shaped wedding ring has a curve at the top to sit comfortably with an engagement ring. Another key consideration when buying a wedding band would be the width. This feature also depends on personal preference but traditionally, women’s bands are usually slimmer ( around 4mm ) whereas the men’s band is a wider style).

Setting and Design

As with an engagement ring, eternity ring or any other piece of jewellery, there are a variety of different settings and designs to fit into different styles and trends. From a simplistic approach to patterned engraving, wedding bands should resemble a couple’s personal journey and be designed with a finish which will be admired forever.

For a wedding band setting, there are three main designs including a classic plain ring which is considered a timeless aesthetic, a diamond set ring which is encrusted with diamonds throughout and a patterned ring ranging from florals to geometric shapes.

Ready to find your perfect wedding band and complete your special day? Discover our collection of high bands and men’s wedding bands and bring a sense of true luxury to your wedding day.

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Caring for your wedding band

A wedding band is for life, so it must be cherished and cared for when it comes to wear and protection. Whether you have a white gold wedding band or a yellow gold wedding band, there are a number of easy steps you can take to ensure your band is glistening for years to come.

Find out more on how to care for gold and platinum jewellery.

David Morris wedding jewellery also comes with luxurious packaging, complimentary to every order. This set will include a cushioned leather box which is ideal for protecting your band and storing it away when it’s not being worn or when you’re travelling.

David Morris also offers cleaning services, located in our many worldwide boutiques. Not only do we offer every customer a polishing cloth, but we also offer in-store cleaning as part of a restoring jewellery service which includes a quality assessment and any repair work that may be required.

Choosing the metal

The type of metal you choose for a wedding band can have a huge impact on both the aesthetics and pricing. Considering all the other factors above, when choosing a band, it is also important to consider the engagement ring or wedding set and how these pieces will sit together. Many people will stick to one metal type whereas some don’t mind mixing their jewellery. There is also the option for a two-tone band which combines two of your favourite metals.

White gold

Crafted with a mix of yellow gold and white metal, white gold has a champagne-inspired appearance for pure elegance.

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Yellow gold

A symbol of love, and success, yellow gold is finished in a beautiful golden colour, resistant to rust, tarnish and corrosion.

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Rose gold

This unique, feminine metal is the perfect option for those with a vintage style and after something a little different.

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The rarest metal of them all, platinum is the most luxurious choice for any couple, offering a natural white finish.

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Bespoke Wedding Bands by David Morris

A wedding band has a rich history and holds great meaning, symbolising loyalty and a lifetime of happiness. David Morris takes the most intricate bands and turns them into something only you and your partner can cherish and share. From the wedding date to each other’s initials, our skilled atelier can engrave and personalise your wedding band to create a memorable piece which resembles the private bond between the two of you through engraving and customised design.

Book a consultation with one of our experts to discuss the David Morris bespoke experience.

David Morris Wedding Bands

Find the perfect luxury wedding ring to compliment the engagement ring of your dreams with our collection of platinum, white gold and yellow gold bands available in court, D-shaped and flat. Add extra sparkle with our handcrafted scattered diamond bands or single diamond bands for a luxurious finish.

In six decades as The London Jeweller, David Morris has proudly designed and found the perfect pair for our newly wedded customers. Our range of high-class bands resembles the true meaning of quality jewellery, providing ever-lasting quality for a lifetime of happiness.

Men’s Wedding Bands

Amongst our selection of divine designs, we also have a range of men’s wedding bands, crafted with simplicity and classic style in mind. Whether you’re looking to match and embrace individuality, we have a band for everyone.

To help you choose from the wide range of styles and settings available, the experts at our boutiques across the world will be delighted to talk through your options and find you a wedding band you will both adore.

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