For 60 years the House of David Morris has used coloured diamonds – the far rarer but close relative of the white diamond – to dramatic effect. With the incredible range of colours available, be it yellow diamonds, pink diamonds, blue diamonds, green diamonds or rarest-of-the-rare red diamonds, there is something about the combination of vivid colour and captivating radiance that jewellers and collectors alike find impossible to resist.

A Varied Palette

Coloured diamonds are mined across the world, with no single region’s stones valued more than another’s. Colour is the key, and coloured diamonds come in almost every hue one can imagine. Diamonds in their purest form are white, with any colour present the result of what we like to think of as a ‘happy accident’ during their formation. Green diamonds, for example, receive their colour from radiation in the ground; a ‘flaw’ in the stone’s lattice structure gives us remarkable pink diamonds; blue diamonds contain a trace element of the mineral boron.

Nuances Of Colour

Unlike other coloured stones, rare coloured diamonds have their own specific colour categories within each colour family. A pink diamond, for example, may be classified as Faint Pink, Very Light Pink, Fancy Light Pink, Fancy Pink, Fancy Intense Pink, Fancy Dark Pink, Fancy Deep Pink or Fancy Vivid Pink. This principle applies to most hues of coloured diamonds. What’s more, coloured diamonds are often not a single colour – so you may see a blue diamond described as ‘grey blue’, with grey being the secondary colour.

Treatment and Certification

Inclusions, and therefore treatment, is common amongst all coloured stones. However, when buying a rare coloured diamond, the buyer should ensure that the diamond’s colour is natural and not created by artificial processes, and the degree of enhancement should be reflected in the price. All the rare coloured diamonds used in David Morris collections are GIA certified, affording the buyer complete peace of mind and transparency.

Investing in Rare Coloured Diamonds

Rarity of size and colour are important factors when investing in these scarce diamonds. A higher intensity of colour generally equals higher value, with stones categorised as ‘fancy’ or ‘intense’ the most coveted. In terms of availability, red diamonds are by far the rarest, followed by green, blue and pink. Yellow diamonds, though considerably rarer than white diamonds, are more common than other coloured diamonds, and therefore more widely available.

A rainbow of remarkable hues

The astonishing colour spectrum of rare coloured diamonds makes them amongst the world’s most sought-after. Within this exceptional family of diamonds, a shade to suit every style and personality can be found, including delicate pink diamonds, intense blue diamonds and magnificent green diamonds.

Creating precious works of art

Their rarity makes coloured diamonds a fitting choice for bespoke creations, and for over 50 years the House of David Morris has acquired some of the world’s most significant stones with which to create exquisite and unique pieces for collectors, connoisseurs, royals and celebrities.

“Glorious colour and the world’s most exceptional and rare stones have been a David Morris signature since 1962”

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