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A Guide to Finding an Engagement Ring, with David Morris

An engagement will be one of the most spectacular and meaningful occasions of your life, with the ring taking centre stage. When it comes to buying an engagement ring, it’s all about the small details and finding something which your significant other will love and cherish forever. Although choosing the ring is exciting, it can also come with a wave of responsibility and worry. Combined with the pressures of the proposal, finding a ring which looks and feels perfect can be daunting. Whether this is your first engagement or your third time lucky, the process of choosing, purchasing and gifting the ring can be intimidating and also comes with a range of new terminologies and specifications that you may never have heard of.

From ring size and pricing to the different cuts and colours, our guide is here to make the process that little bit easier, and help you to find the perfect engagement ring for your perfect day!

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Things to consider when buying an engagement ring

When starting your engagement ring journey, your brain will be flooded with questions and dilemmas. How much should I be spending? What diamond style should I get? What if I get the wrong ring size? And so many others. For some, this journey could be easier than others, especially if you’ve had hints along the way and your partner knows what’s coming, but if you’re completely in the dark about everything, this in-depth guide will answer all those queries for you.

Ring size

Depending on the design and style of the ring, some models can not always be re-sized, meaning that you might prefer to get it right the first time around. If you’re shopping for the ring together, finding the right size is a bit easier, but if you’re shopping alone or are planning a big surprise, getting the right size might be playing on your mind. But the good news is, you can always return the ring, provided that is unused and still in all the original packaging. There are also a few other options including bringing your future fiance into a store, measuring or bringing in their favourite ring or using a ring size guide.

Your budget

When it comes to how much you want to spend on the engagement ring, this is completely personal and circumstantial. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about how much you should spend and the average amount. Typically, people would suggest spending around three months’ salary on the ring but again, this is completely personal preference and all boils down to what feels right, what you can afford, the style of ring and what you feel comfortable spending.

Matching jewellery

Another key thing to consider before purchasing your perfect engagement ring would be to think about your fiance’s current jewellery collection. Do they prefer yellow gold or white gold? Do they like big diamonds or something more subtle? Will it match with the future wedding band and is this a plain or diamond design? Not only do they need to like the model and style of the ring, but the ring needs to also look good with their current jewellery favourites, so distinguishing those and finding something that matches is a great place to start. Shop our range of wedding jewellery sets here or delve into our guide on finding your perfect wedding band.

The different diamond shapes

Diamonds come in various shapes and sizes, and knowing which one your future fiance will prefer can be a tough task. Creating their own individual style and adding character to a band, a diamond is the prominent feature of any engagement ring. As well as choosing the cut of your diamond, you will also need to consider the design type, some of which are indulged in diamonds and gems whilst others offer a more simplistic finish. Explore our range of solitaire, trilogy and halo engagement rings and find your perfect piece today.

With so many options to choose from, knowing which one to choose can be overwhelming but one of the most important things to consider is what your fiance will like. Have they mentioned a shape in the past? Do they own any particular diamond shape already? Most people find it useful to base the shape on the person’s personal style and preference whilst also fitting it into their current jewellery collections.

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Round Brilliant

Allows light to disperse from the bottom and out through the top for a magnificent sparkle, designed in a symmetrical construct.

Emerald Cut

A hint of vintage glamour which compliments a halo of round brilliant diamonds.


A unique option for those who want a longer shape finished with an elongated diamond for a flattering fit.


Radiats a beautiful sparkle with a vintage appeal. A signature twist on the round brilliant cut.


Can be worn both upwards and downwards, finished with a breathtaking sparkle and pear-shaped construct.

Princess cut

Made up of glamour and contemporary style, this square-shaped cut is a romance classic.

The 4 Cs of diamond jewellery

Cut, colour, clarity and carat help to define each piece of diamond jewellery, including engagement rings. These are global standards for assessing the quality of a diamond, allowing you to compare and determine your preference.


The cut of a ring is paramount to its final appearance and value and also determines how it interacts with light, shine and sparkle.


Indicates how much a diamond weighs and its apparent size. The greater the carat weight, the more valuable the diamond.


Made up of different grades ranging from D-Z, colour is an important attribute of any diamond, with less colour, is considered a high rarity.


The flawless finish and journey of a diamond. Clarity refers to the absence of internal features and irregularities.

Ever the innovator, the House of David Morris chooses to go one better, adding our own fifth ‘C’ – Certification – to ensure absolute peace of mind and transparency. To discover the 4 C’s in more detail, have a look through our guide on the 4 Cs of diamond jewellery.

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Choosing the metal for your engagement ring

Arguably one of the most important factors of any piece of jewellery, the type of metal you choose can have a huge impact on both the aesthetics and pricing of the engagement ring. Considering all the other factors above, when choosing an engagement ring, it is also important to consider the wedding band and how these two pieces will sit together, taking into consideration the colour, metal type and finish.


The rarest metal of all, platinum is the most luxurious choice, offering a natural white finish which is resistant to both tarnishing and fading. Although this metal can be scratched, none of the metal will be lost, making it a lifelong piece with endless beauty. Ideal for both contemporary and vintage-inspired rings, platinum is the perfect way to add a sense of luxury to any engagement ring.

White gold

Crafted with a mix of yellow gold and white metal, this naturally coloured metal has a champagne-inspired appearance and signifies pure class and elegance. As a member of the platinum family, white gold jewellery has a bright, clean finish which has been a popular choice for many years.

Yellow gold

Symbolising love, success and luxury, yellow gold is finished in a beautiful golden colour which is resistant to rust, tarnish and corrosion. With highly reflective characteristics, yellow gold pairs wonderfully with a diamond.

Rose gold

This unique, feminine metal is the perfect option for those who can admire vintage style. A rose gold engagement ring offers an original twist, crafted by adding a higher percentage of copper to the pure metal.

Coloured Diamond

For the bride seeking something distinctively different, a coloured diamond engagement ring makes a highly individual choice, as does a Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald or Paraíba Tourmaline

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Caring for your engagement ring

An engagement ring is something that will be with you for eternity, so it must be cherished and cared for when it comes to wear and protection. Not matter the style or setting, there are a number of easy steps you can take to ensure your ring is glistening for years to come.

Find out more on how to care for gold and platinum jewellery or keep your diamonds glistening with our guide on caring for gemstones.

David Morris wedding jewellery also comes with luxurious packaging, complimentary to every order. This set will include a cushioned leather box which is ideal for protecting your ring and storing it away when it’s not being worn or when you’re travelling.

David Morris also offers cleaning services, located in our many worldwide boutiques. Not only do we offer every customer a polishing cloth, but we also offer in-store cleaning as part of a restoring jewellery service which includes a quality assessment and any repair work that may be required.

Bespoke Engagement Rings by David Morris

An engagement ring holds a lot of meaning and history, symbolising devotion commitment and loyalty between two people. Adding bespoke features such as personalisation can make this moment even more special. A David Morris engagement ring is a mark of quality and individuality, each precious piece celebrating our values of creative flair and craftsmanship. Whether it’s a small engravement or a meaningful message, a personalised piece of jewellery adds an unforgettable, thoughtful touch to any gift.

Discover more about our personalised jewellery services.

David Morris takes the most intricate diamond rings and turns them into something only you and your significant other can cherish together. Whether you want a classic simple engagement ring or want to add a little personal statement, get in touch with us or book a consultation and the Bond Street Jewellers will make sure to make your dreams come true!

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David Morris Diamond Engagement Rings

As unique and radiant as your one and only, a David Morris engagement ring brilliantly captures the passion and promise of true love, making this momentous occasion that extra bit special. In six decades as The London Jeweller, David Morris has deftly played matchmaker, successfully pairing discerning women with their perfect engagement ring many times over. Our range of luxury wedding jewellery has been crafted with the highest quality metals, diamonds and styles, providing ever-lasting quality for a lifetime of happiness.

To help you choose from the wide range of cuts and settings available, the experts at our boutiques across the world will be delighted to talk through your options.
Our in-house atelier, located above our New Bond Street boutique, also means that you can have any David Morris engagement ring adjusted to your liking.

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