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Established in London in 1962, David Morris – The London Jeweller is renowned for creating breath-taking pieces of flawless design, each individually crafted to showcase the rarest and most valuable gemstones, and sought by jewellery connoisseurs the world over.

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Our passion for fine jewellery was born and refined in London, and today our pieces continue to be handmade in our New Bond Street atelier, one of only a handful still in existence.

It is here that our team of artisans skilfully produces precious creations, combining the rarest of gemstones with the creative twist that has become the signature of David Morris jewellery.

“Perhaps most crucial of all, and most elusive, is the relationship between the designer and the craftsman and the jeweller”

A marriage of beauty and technology, in its approach to design and craftsmanship David Morris is as wonderfully unique as its collection of rare gemstones.

Whether it is a piece from our beautiful fine jewellery collections or a bespoke creation, David Morris jewellery transcends generations, each design expressing ingenuity, creativity and unparalleled quality.


A history full of colour

David Morris learned his craft as an apprentice to a leading jeweller in 1950s London, establishing his eponymous fine jewellery house at the height of the Swinging Sixties and quickly gaining a global reputation for extraordinary stones and innovative design.

Today it remains a family-run business, with Jeremy Morris following in his father’s illustrious footsteps to ensure that David Morris designs are as fresh, enduring and sought-after as ever – the London Jeweller with 12 boutiques worldwide and universal appeal.

  • 1959 David Morris Serves His Jewellery Apprenticeship In London Before Attending The Central School Of Arts And Crafts1962Next
  • 1962 David Morris Opens David Morris Jewels At The Diamond House In London1958Previous1963Next
  • 1963 De Beers Award Their 9th Diamonds International Award To David Morris.1962Previous1964Next
  • 1964 De Beers Award Their 10th Diamonds International Award To David Morris For His Ribbon Diamond Bracelet1963Previous1965Next
  • 1965 Richard Burton Acquires Hearth Shaped Diamond Necklace From David Morris For Elizabeth Taylor For Valentine's Day1964Previous1967Next
  • 1967 Countess Marie Kinsky wears a David Morris tiara at her wedding to Crown Prince Hans Adam Liechtenstein1965Previous1969Next
  • 1969 David Morris Opens His First Boutique On Conduit Street, Mayfair1967Previous1971Next
  • 1971 David Morris Jewellery Features In The James Bond Movie Diamonds Are Forever.1969Previous1972Next
  • 1972 David Morris Creates The Miss World Crown, Still In Use Today1971Previous1974Next
  • 1974 David Morris Jewellery Features In The Bond Movie The Man With The Golden Gun1972Previous1980Next
  • 1980 David Morris Opens The Fine Jewellery Room In Harrods, Followed By The Four Seasons, Carlton Tower, Selfridges And Harvey Nichols Stores1974Previous1985Next
  • 1985 David Morris Travels To Asia And Brunei, Expanding The Brand1980Previous1996Next
  • 1996 David Morris Opens A New Flagship Boutique At 180 New Bond Street London1985Previous1997Next
  • 1997 David Morris Jewellery Features In The Bond Movie Tomorrow Never Dies1996Previous1998Next
  • 1998 Janet Jackson, Wearing David Morris Jewellery In Aid Of The Diana Princess Of Wales Memorial Fund1997Previous1999Next
  • James Bond 1999 David Morris Jewellery Features In The Bond Movie The World Is Not Enough1998Previous2002Next
  • 2002 David Morris Opens On Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, Florida1999Previous2003Next
  • 2003 Jeremy Morris Is Appointed Managing Director And Principal Designer2002Previous2004Next
  • 2004 David Morris Expands Into Russia, Opening A Boutique At One Of Moscow's Most Luxurious Addresses2003Previous2006Next
  • 2006 Photographer Ellen Von Unwerth Shoots David Morris Advertising Campaign2004Previous2007Next
  • 2007 David Morris Expands To Dubai, Opening Boutiques In Dubai Mall And Village Mall2006Previous2011Next
  • 2011 The Newly Married Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Drive Down The Mall (1)2007Previous2012Next
  • 2012 David Morris Celebrates 50 Years Of Creating Beautiful Jewellery With The Stunning Heritage Collection2011Previous2012Next
  • 2012 David Morris Jewellery Features In The Designing 007 Fifty Years Of Bond Style World Tour2012Previous2013Next
  • 2013 David Morris Opens At Sowwah Square, Al Maryah, Island Abu Dhabi2012Previous2013Next
  • 2013 The Victoria & Albert Museum Chooses David Morris To Exhibit Within Their Historical Jewellery Room2013Previous2014Next
  • 2014 David Morris Opens Fine Jewellery Boutique In Harrods Designed By International Interior Design Studio David Collins2013Previous2015Next
  • 2015 David Morris Partners With The Royal Academy Of Arts In Presenting A Series Of Exhibitions, The Highlight Of Which Showcases The Achievements Of Ai Weiwei2014Previous2017Next
  • 2017 David Morris Opens A New Boutique In Paris At The Prestigious Rue Saint Honore Address2015Previous2018Next
  • 2018 David Morris Unveils The New Harrods Boutique In The Fine Jewellery Room2017Previous2020Next
  • Hyperfocal: 02018Previous

David Morris serves his jewellery apprenticeship in London before attending the Central School of Arts and Crafts.

David Morris opens David Morris Jewels at The Diamond House in London.

De Beers award their 9th Diamonds International Award to David Morris.

De Beers award their 10th Diamonds International Award to David Morris for his ribbon diamond bracelet.

Richard Burton acquires hearth-shaped diamond necklace from David Morris for Elizabeth Taylor for Valentine’s Day.

Countess Marie Kinsky wears a David Morris tiara at her wedding to Crown Prince Hans Adam Liechtenstein.

David Morris opens his first boutique on Conduit Street, Mayfair.

David Morris Jewellery features in the James Bond movie Diamonds are Forever.

David Morris creates the Miss World Crown, still in use today.

David Morris Jewellery features in the Bond movie The Man With The Golden Gun.

David Morris opens the Fine Jewellery Room in Harrods, followed by The Four Seasons, Carlton Tower, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols stores.

David Morris travels to Asia and Brunei, expanding the brand.

David Morris – The London Jeweller opens a new flagship boutique at 180 New Bond Street.

David Morris Jewellery features in the Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies.

Mark Liddell is commissioned to take portraits of celebrity women, including Janet Jackson, wearing David Morris Jewellery in aid of the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.

David Morris Jewellery features in the Bond movie The World is Not Enough.

David Morris opens on Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, Florida.

Jeremy Morris is appointed Managing Director and principal designer.

David Morris expands into Russia, opening a boutique at one of Moscow’s most luxurious addresses.

Photographer Ellen von Unwerth shoots David Morris advertising campaign.

David Morris expands to Dubai, opening boutiques in Dubai Mall and Village Mall.

The newly married Duke and Duchess of Cambridge drive down the Mall after their wedding in April in the groom’s father’s classic Aston Martin – still carrying the dragon made by David Morris for Prince Charles 21st birthday in 1969.

David Morris celebrates 50 years of creating beautiful jewellery with the stunning Heritage Collection, with the Ocean Blue Diamond necklace as its centrepiece.

David Morris Jewellery features in the Designing 007- Fifty Years of Bond Style world tour.

David Morris opens at Sowwah Square, Al Maryah, Island Abu Dhabi.

The Victoria & Albert Museum chooses David Morris to exhibit within their historical Jewellery room.

David Morris opens Fine Jewellery boutique in Harrods designed by international interior design studio David Collins.

David Morris partners with the Royal Academy of Arts in presenting a series of exhibitions, the highlight of which showcases the achievements of Ai Weiwei.

David Morris opens a new boutique in Paris at the prestigious Rue Saint-Honore address.

David Morris unveils the new Harrods boutique in the Fine Jewellery Room.

David Morris launches the fine jewellery collection Fortuna

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