Bespoke creations

On London’s fabled Bond Street, nestled above the flagship David Morris boutique, an extraordinary and rare atelier skilfully produces exquisite bespoke jewellery using only the rarest, most valuable gemstones.

David Morris Bespoke High Jewellery

Selecting the world’s finest jewels

The inspiration for every piece of jewellery must always begin with the individual beauty of the stone. Indeed our ability to source the world’s most exceptional stones has become legendary.

Large or small, in order to meet our gemstone buyer’s exacting eye, a stone must meet a number of rigorous criteria. It must have impeccable provenance, it must be extraordinary in its colour, and – above all – it must be the finest of its kind available.

This devotion to the natural beauty of the stone means that minimal gold or platinum is used, an approach that ensures supreme lightness of metal, giving an intricate, lace-like quality; subtle and sophisticated design with a delicate and feminine mix of colours to complement the incredibly rare gemstones.

Hence it is that since 1962, David Morris has been the go-to jeweller for royalty, private collectors and icons of film who have commissioned creations that are ‘one of a kind’ in every sense.

Whether it be a gloriously embellished crown, a glittering engagement ring or very personal expression of love, David Morris has a proud heritage of creating bespoke works of art at the behest of jewellery connoisseurs the world over.

Paraiba Tourmaline David Morris

“Jewellery that transcends generations, each design expressing ingenuity, creativity and unparalleled quality”

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