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London’s famous Bond Street is admired across the globe for its wealth of luxurious stores, exclusive brands and designer goods. An elegant street filled with the world’s trendiest garments and striking high jewellery, Bond Street is found in the famous Mayfair, a popular destination for tourists, celebrities and the wealthiest of residents.

Since its foundation in 1700, Bond Street has been a sanctuary for society’s most contemporary and influential people. Past residents of the street have included Admiral Horatio Nelson and Lady Emma Hamilton as well as several prominent authors and poets. Today, Bond Street remains an iconic location, home to some of the world’s most prestigious retailers, including Cartier, Burberry, Chanel, Hermès, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Mulberry and of course, David Morris.

The beginning of Bond Street London

Bond Street was named after its developer, Sir Thomas Bond. In the late 17th century, the spot that is now known as Old Bond Street was occupied by a mansion called Clarendon House. This was one of London’s most expensive properties at the time. However, following Lord Clarendon’s death, the property was sold and demolished, giving way to a whole new opportunity and commercial use.

Bond Street was first planned out in 1680 with only Old Bond Street existing. In 1720, the street layout was completed with a further section that is now known as New Bond Street. These places are recognised by people from all over the world, with Old Bond Street running between Burlington Gardens and Piccadilly, while New Bond Street is the northern section that connects with Oxford Street, making it a prime location surrounded by other famous attractions, restaurants and routes.

By the 19th century, Bond Street had become one of London’s most fashionable locations, acting as a runway for those who wished to flaunt their wealth and divulge in the most luxurious shopping experience. Boutique jewellery stores and designer fashion houses stacked the pavement, offering a place of glamour for all. Three hundred years on, Bond Street remains the place to go if you’re looking for the world’s rarest coloured gems or the latest designer handbag, much appreciated for its magnificent window displays, seasonal extravaganzas and exclusive collections.

Opening David Morris, The London Jeweller

In 1969, David Morris opened his first boutique store located on Conduit Street, Mayfair London before later ( 1996 ) opening a new flagship boutique at 180 New Bond Street. When David Morris founded his eponymous jewellery house in 1962, he couldn’t have foreseen that, more than 60 years later, his family name would be one of the most respected on London’s New Bond Street and that his rarefied designs would be sought-after around the world.

Known as “the London jeweller”, David Morris handcrafts each fine and high jewellery design at its atelier above the New Bond Street store, one of the last jewellery workshops left on the iconic street. The flagship store is one of only 12 David Morris boutiques worldwide with the name being found throughout Asia, the USA, UAE and the Middle East.

Like many of the stores found on Bond Street, the David Morris boutique has experienced and relished the constant cycle of fashion, using window displays and innovative thinking to create a place of glamour and desire. The historic building at 180 New Bond Street, where David Morris is based, was sensitively refurbished in 2006 by renowned designer David Collins, who blended important period elements with the utmost luxury. The opening of a store in Hong Kong in 2011 was just the latest step in expanding the David Morris name and style around the world. From early ventures in Japan in the 1980s, under first David and then Jeremy Morris, stores have blossomed in Moscow, Dubai, Palm Beach, Riyadh and Doha.

” The store on Bond Street is a wonderful building, which is over 100 years old, and still has all the original interiors and fittings. we modernised a little but retained the authentic feel.”

David Morris
Store front from david morris
Workshop 1 from david morris

Handcrafted jewellery amongst London’s Bond Street

Both David and Jeremy Morris have instinctively valued and
nurtured this collaborative relationship between designer and artisan and the artisan and precious materials. “It is part of our history”, explains Jeremy Morris, “The special way in which our designs are constructed forms the essence of our philosophy.”

Today, the skilled craftsmen in the David Morris workshop, looking out over the attics and rooftops of London’s New Bond Street, are adept at bringing Jeremy Morris’ visions to life. Some have been with the company for well over 20 years, having started as apprentices.

A David Morris jewel starts inside Jeremy’s imagination, as a vision or a shape; a mix of colours or translucencies; a cultural or historical reference. Jeremy may make a rough sketch, sometimes simply a squiggle on an envelope, while at other times he plays with a selection of gems, arranging them into a design that he then takes to the workshop, where he discusses his ideas, explaining how he wants the jewel to feel and the specific effect he is chasing.

High and Fine Jewellery Handcrafted by David Morris

David Morris is home to some of the world’s rare, sought-after gems, handcrafting both fine and high jewellery in a selection of different design inspirations and innovative collections. From high necklaces to wedding jewellery, David Morris’ selection of jewels is vast, made up of the highest quality precious metals, glistening gemstones and authentic personalisation, all handcrafted behind the walls of their Bond Street store.

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