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David Morris new gifting campaign fuses real-world beauty with the wonder of artificial intelligence

The trailblazing London jeweller is celebrating the gifting season by taking its first, bold step into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence. Launching online at the beginning of December, the ambitious digital campaign was produced in partnership with UK-based studio J11, whose concept is inspired by the delight of peeking inside one of David Morris’s rose-hued boxes, and harnesses the latest AI technology to create a captivating alternate reality.

As the campaign video opens, it is into one of these boxes that a model steps, embarking on a journey through a multiverse of fantasy lands, each one influenced by the house’s giftable fine jewellery collections. Reflecting David Morris’s approach to jewellery design, the team chose to artfully combine elements of tradition and innovation, the real world and a dream-like vision.

Faithfully conveying the intimate connection between a piece of jewellery and its wearer in real life is at the heart of the campaign, and the team chose to use a real model, jewellery and props, set against a backdrop of unique, AI-created environments.

“The task of creating eight distinct worlds for our model to explore presented significant technical challenges,” says J11’s Creative Director, Darren Giles, who oversaw the campaign’s production. “But with the integration of data-driven and generative AI throughout, we found new ways to channel our creative aspirations, allowing us more opportunities to craft, play and refine, ultimately creating a narrative full of wonder and discovery.”

In recent years, David Morris has cultivated a tech-forward reputation within the jewellery industry. The brand was the first to launch a High Jewellery collection via e-commerce when it partnered with Farfetch in 2021, and continues to push the boundaries through its embrace of the latest technologies – from the advanced techniques used for its increasingly complex designs to the importance it places on digital content and collaborations.

“The considered way in which our new campaign combines artificial intelligence with a human touch has created a truly magical world of jewellery,” says Cecily Morris, Brand Content Manager. As we step from one fantastical world to the next, every detail is heightened and amplified, particularly the different characteristics of the fine jewellery designs that our model finds and wears there. Though created with the help of AI, this incredible journey authentically captures the joy of opening a David Morris box for the first time, and setting eyes on the jewellery within for the first time.”

About David Morris

David Morris, The London Jeweller, established in 1962, continues on the principle of creating unique and imaginative pieces to exacting standards. With an innate flair for the art of jewellery, by combining rare and exquisite stones with traditional materials, David Morris creates jewellery that transcends generations, each design expressing ingenuity, creativity and unparalleled quality. In addition to its boutiques in the Middle East, the brand has flagship stores in London and Paris.

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