Electric Geometric

Exciting and dynamic unique designs of the Electric Geometric Collection are centred around the electrifying hues of the world’s rarest jewels and intricate, graphic creations made possible by the House’s unparalleled levels of handcraftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.


Paraiba tourmaline earrings

The Phoenix earrings, made completely by hand in the House’s Bond Street atelier, are adorned with almost 25 carats of Paraíba Tourmaline, exquisitely contrasted with white diamonds.

The central stones are from Brazilian Paraíba, where this incredible gemstone was first discovered.

Their provenance alone makes them particularly rare, as there are no more stones to be found, but the unusually large size of these jewels makes them rarer still.



“Brazilian Paraíba Tourmaline is surely one of the world’s most unique jewels. With its unmistakable, and completely unique, neon-bright blue, it has become a David Morris signature”

Paraiba waterfall earrings

The striking geometric silhouette of the Waterfall earrings lend this design a contemporary edge. With minimal metal used in the setting, the vivid Brazilian Paraíba Tourmalines, which can be seen in various cuts, paired with angular white diamonds, appear suspended in the air, reminiscent of iridescent icicles.


Pirouette collar with white diamond pear shapes

The assortment also offers vibrant updates to existing, popular designs, made using the rarest and most spectacular stones. A new necklace and earrings in exceptional Burmese rubies is a beautiful addition to the Pirouette collection, while a new earring design – a similar silhouette to the iconic Rose Cut collection – makes a statement with radiant forest-green emeralds, one of Jeremy Morris’ favourite gemstones.


Sunrise Cuff

The Sunrise cuff is an abstract and modern interpretation of rays of sunlight as they emerge on the horizon, creating spectacular shards of light through the clouds.

Its striking linear composition, subtly contrasting jewels and metals is the result of a huge amount of technical skill and many hours of labour involved in setting over 2,000 white diamonds, which appear to float on the surface of the piece.

Careful 3D modelling and prototyping was an essential part of the design and production process; such a piece would have been virtually impossible without the latest technology.

Look beneath the elongated cushion diamonds and find a clue to the skill of our atelier’s artisans – tiny hinges, each painstakingly made by hand, which allow the cuff to open and lie completely flat.


08 1 1112 Hex Diam + Pnk Bangle Frnt

The inspiration for the breathtaking Hexagon cuff may come from the profusion of hexagons found in nature, from honeycomb and mineral formations to snowflakes and cells, but its creation owes much to the ingenuity of modern technology and the human hand.

The Hexagon cuff took almost two years to complete, with many of the white and pink diamonds being custom cut for symmetry and to fit the design’s ‘cells’.

It is completely modular and flexible, every single ‘cell’ a separate piece, and it represents a technical breakthrough for our atelier’s workshop in creating sprung flexible bangles. Once again, 3D modelling and prototyping was key in bringing this innovative design to life.


10 41 847 Ps Chrysalis Necklace Crafted With 73.79ct White And Pink Diamonds, Set In 18ct White And Rose Gold 1

The Chrysalis necklace and earring set represents a graphical reimagining of natural phenomena; the moment a butterfly first emerges. The transformation of a mysterious cocoon to a beautiful butterfly is echoed throughout the design of the piece.

Look closely at its composition and you’ll see that, as the necklace moves from the neck to the décolleté, the triangular pave segments turn into fancy pink diamonds. Here the silhouette changes once more, leading to droplets of spectacular pear-cut white diamonds, the largest of which is over 7 carats.

The fancy pink diamonds used within this piece are reminiscent of blossoming flora, their extraordinary intensity of colour amplified by the brilliance of white diamonds.


Pink and white Diamond Earrings

Of all the fancy-coloured diamonds, it is perhaps for the exceptionally rare pink diamond that the House of David Morris is best known, and the Electric Geometric collection boasts two exceptional and indeed electrifying pink diamond designs.


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