Rare Coloured Diamonds

The most radiant hues; the rarest and most coveted coloured diamonds of them all

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Green Orange Diamond Necklace High Jewellery

The rarest of the rare

The very essence of rarity, only one coloured diamond is unearthed for many more carats of its close relative, the white diamond. It is these precious coloured diamonds that the House of David Morris gathers from across the globe to grace our extraordinarily refined jewellery creations.

Pink White Diamond Ring High Jewellery

Objects of desire

Of all the fancy-coloured diamonds, it is perhaps for the exceptionally rare pink diamond that the House of David Morris is best known. Believed to inspire creativity in the wearer, the imagination of Jeremy Morris and his Bond Street atelier’s team of designers, is similarly stirred by pink diamonds.

“Glorious colour and the world’s most exceptional and rare stones have been a David Morris signature since 1962”


A rainbow of remarkable hues

The astonishing colour spectrum of rare coloured diamonds makes them amongst the world’s most sought-after. Within this exceptional family of diamonds, a shade to suit every style and personality can be found, including delicate pink diamonds, intense blue diamonds and magnificent green diamonds.

Pink Diamond Earrings High Jewellery

Creating precious works of art

Their rarity makes coloured diamonds a fitting choice for bespoke creations, and for over 50 years the House of David Morris has acquired some of the world’s most significant stones with which to create exquisite and unique pieces for collectors, connoisseurs, royals and celebrities.

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