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Vibrant, rare jewels are synonymous with David Morris, and visitors to and can now view and purchase magnificent unique pieces from our Renaissance collection that feature the world’s most coveted and colourful gemstones.


Dm April 20 17 Lower Pxl


The House of David Morris unveils a series of one-of-a-kind pieces incorporating truly remarkable gemstones, carefully collected over the years, into visionary designs for the modern high jewellery collector.

It is not unusual for CEO and Creative Director Jeremy Morris, like his father before him, to hold onto the most exceptional gemstones for many years before they may finally find their place within one of his unique jewellery creations..



Electric Geometric

David Morris marks the dawn of a new decade with Electric Geometric, a collection of High Jewellery creations that herald a new creative direction in David Morris’ 58 – year history.



Enchanted Isle

The House of David Morris travels to a vibrant jewel set in the Aegean sea, where crystal-clear ocean meets sun-drenched colour.


Opal Earrings High Jewellery


‘The House of David Morris enjoys a well-deserved reputation as the go-to destination brand for exceptional gemstones, amongst which is an enviable range of top quality, predominantly Colombian emeralds. These lustrous, deep green gems are considered to be the finest in the world and are individually hand selected by Jeremy Morris, with the stones themselves dictating the remarkable designs that follow.



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