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Pirouette Collar

Pirouette Collar

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Pirouette collar with cushion cut white diamonds and pink diamonds, set in 18ct white gold.


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The Pirouette collection further establish David Morris as the destination for jewellery connoisseurs seeking experimental, contemporary designs with a difference. Each piece is handcrafted at the David Morris atelier in London, the last to still exist on Bond Street, using rare coloured gemstones gathered from across the globe. First launched in 2014, the Pirouette collection has quickly become a David Morris favourite.

As the collection name suggests, Pirouette takes its inspiration from a Prima ballerina; a woman blessed with natural grace and elegance, but also a fluidity of movement and deceptive strength. The new additions to the collection reflections, with minimal metal used in their design, allowing the colourful gemstones and beautiful silhouettes to bask in the spotlight.


Discover the beauty of diamonds through our guide on the 4 Cs of diamond jewellery.

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Due to the bespoke nature of our products, delivery is subject to stock availability. If we do not have enough stock to fulfil your order, you will be notified and we can order the piece for you, offer an alternative piece that is in stock or cancel your order.


Each delivery comes with full insurance coverage. Import duties and taxes, if applicable, are an additional cost payable by you.

For more information on delivery and returns, please visit our delivery & returns page.


The way in which a stone is cut is paramount to its final appearance and value; each precise facet determining how it will interact with light and produce the scintillating shine that only a white diamond can. The master craftsmen of our Bond Street atelier, where all David Morris jewellery is made, are amongst the world’s most accomplished in amplifying a diamond’s beauty.


A diamond ‘carat’ indicates how much a diamond weighs, and therefore its apparent size. The value of a diamond varies according to its number of carats and its rarity, as well as taking into account how it is graded in relation to the remaining of the 4Cs. As a guide, one carat is the equivalent of 0.2g.


Colour, or a complete lack thereof, is an all-important attribute when searching for an exceptional diamond. The most prized white diamonds are completely colourless, or very close to it, and are graded from D at the top of the scale, to Z. With each diamond hand selected by Jeremy Morris, the majority of our diamonds range from grades D to F – the highest standard.


With diamonds exposed to intense heat and pressure during formation, it is incredible that any should emerge flawless. Yet, at the House of David Morris we are adept at sourcing them. The majority of our diamonds are graded ‘Flawless’– they possess no inclusions and blemishes, even when scrutinised under magnification – but we may also select diamonds with minute inclusions that are undetectable to the naked eye.


Our heritage is unparallelled when it comes to bespoke jewellery.

Here are some moments from our history which have been pivotal to the pieces you see here today.

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