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From dazzling emerald-cut engagement rings to simple bands and heirlooms, these precious jewels are recognised across the globe to signify a sense of love, commitment and loyalty between two people. Gifted with the vision to marry, an engagement ring is a metaphoric connection, binding two together before spending eternity as a married couple. Although some may never wed, an engagement ring is a traditional yet modern act whereby your relationship is bound and devotion to each other is promised. Tracing back to the Egyptians, engagement rings have embarked on an adventurous journey, starting out as a representation of eternity, these rings have embraced many traditions, cultures, rituals and religions.

David Morris is home to a selection of fine engagement rings, all handcrafted and designed with exquisite detail in mind. From princess cut to cushion cut, our wide selection of rings comes with an abundance of sentiment. To help you find your dream ring, we have an exclusive guide which uncovers all the finer details as well as bespoke experiences such as designing your own engagement rings, engraving services and personalisation.

The history of engagement rings

Engagement rings can be traced back to Ancient Rome. According to the Gemological Institute of America, Roman women modelled rings crafted from ivory, flint, bone, copper, and iron to signify either a contract or to establish mutual love and compliance. Prior to this, Egyptians would craft rings bound from reed and hemp as a symbol of eternity, with the bands having no beginning and no end.

In the 15th century, engagement rings began to exemplify the sense of unity that we think of today, with accessories such as gimmel rings, or rings comprised of three connected bands becoming prevalent. These jewels would start as individual bands, worn by each half of the engaged couple, and on the wedding day, would be connected with the wedding band to form a complete set. From there, engagement rings have experienced a great sense of adaptation, with brand-new styles, diamond cuts and finishings being favoured. Travelling along with fashion trends and personalised preferences, engagement rings can be unique, personal and as intricate as one wishes.

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The rise of diamond engagement rings

What was once a fine piece of hemp has now transformed into dazzling diamond rings, styling an array of shapes, sizes, cuts and metals. Although traditions still run deep, engagement rings are now a more personal journey, with consumers adapting their own styles and trends.

Today’s fiances have a wide selection of different diamond cuts to choose from as well as considering other features such as their precious metal, their 4 C’s and any personalisation they’d like to add. As a connection between the two people, many modern-day engagement rings are created with special additions such as engraved names and dates or customisation of different high jewellery stones.

Diamond engagement rings didn’t become popular until 1947 after a mining organisation launched an advertising campaign. With the help of Hollywood superstars and the famous slogan, “A diamond is forever,” diamond engagement rings soared in popularity and have since been a key feature in ring design and craftsmanship.

Key moments in history: Engagement rings throughout the centuries

The tradition of giving an engagement ring has continued throughout time, and it remains the popular way to propose marriage. While the style, cost and cut of engagement rings have changed, the meaning of the ring has remained the same: it is a symbol of love, devotion and a compassionate future.

  • Ancient Egypt: Rings were gifted as a sign of ownership and an image of eternity.
  • Roman Empire: A symbol of marriage and commitment, with some being business contracts.
  • 15th century: Diamonds became the most popular gemstone for engagement rings and became mined and crafted with these gifts in mind.
  • 16th and 17th centuries: It became customary for the groom to find and invest in an engagement ring.
  • 19th century: The engagement ring became even more recognised as a symbol of love and commitment in different countries and communities. Now a requirement before the wedding day.
  • 20th and 21st century: The diamond engagement ring became the standard in Western cultures and a selection of designs were bought to life. Engagement rings continue to be popular amongst couples and are not limited in their design or construction. Although marriage rates are falling, these rings still hold an immense sense of meaning and history.

Engagement rings in the world of fashion

With trending fashion and seasonal styles, engagement rings along with other accessories and looks are constantly being modified and designed in line with consumer preference and trending themes. Although the stones and cuts have made their mark in the industry, there is still a demand for new designs and original concepts.

Whether it be a family tradition or a personal preference, many people are opting for high-jewellery gemstones to sit amongst their engagement rings. Signifying originality and a unique flair. Stones such as sapphires, rubies and pearls are seen being used for engagement rings, moving away from the classic white diamond. Similar to this is the concept of bespoke design. Many people have a vision in their head of what their dream ring looks like, so opt for a bespoke option to ensure they are getting exactly what they want. This process includes choosing each aspect of the design, from the choice of stone to the metal and engraving.

Another key feature recognised amongst modern rings is the combination of different diamond shapes. Although simple, these classic designs blend together to create a ring which is unique and versatile in its aesthetic. These designs are especially popular amongst those who have more than one preference when it comes to the shape of their diamond.

Find out more about our engagement ring design process or bespoke wedding jewellery.

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David Morris, the London Jeweller, is home to an exquisit collection of high wedding jewellery, presenting a selection of diamond engagement rings fit for a lifetime of love and passion. Our handcrafted jewels are made up of the highest quality diamonds and precious metals, offering classic, faultless design.

To find your perfect engagement ring, discover our range of pieces or arrange a consultation with a diamond expert. David Morris also handcraft a range of other wedding jewellery including wedding bands, men’s wedding bands, eternity rings and wedding jewellery sets.

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