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The radiant glow of emeralds has proved irresistible to queens, emperors and collectors of High Jewellery for thousands of years.

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The most coveted emeralds on earth

Though many of antiquity’s most famous emeralds are now housed in museums, the House of David Morris has carved a reputation for sourcing the rarest and most remarkable available; celebrating each stone’s individuality through contemporary jewellery creations.

Once in a lifetime

The art of gathering a collection of similarly exceptional emerald stones for our extraordinary emerald jewellery creations can take many months, even years, of patience. Still, to create a truly magnificent piece of jewellery, the House of David Morris is prepared to wait.

“David Morris jewellery honours the magnificence of the world’s rarest, most beautiful emeralds”

Unearthing magnificence

Emeralds occupy a very special place in David Morris jewellery designs. Each emerald we unearth is hand selected, with many originating in the revered emerald mines of Colombia, the stones of which are known for their wondrously deep green and larger size.

Phillipa Lepley David Morris The London Jeweller Emerald

New heights of jewellery design

As is the case with every David Morris jewellery creation, the stone itself serves as the inspiration and starting point for each piece of emerald High Jewellery. From our Bond Street atelier, the most radiant, intensely green stones are re-imagined as modern, wearable works of art.

“We study the emerald closely in order to understand its nuances and character”

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