Our creations are a seductive combination of contemporary design flair and the world’s most beautiful rubies

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Ruby Ring High Jewellery

Inspiring a renaissance

Since man first laid eyes on the ruby thousands of years ago, we have been enthralled by rubies’ mysterious beauty. Synonymous with fire and passion, this desire for rubies has recently been re-ignited by a new generation of high-jewellery devotee.

Rare Ruby Ring High Jewellery

The rarest of all rubies

Once only found in south-east Asia, these astonishing stones are distinguishable by their ‘pigeon’s blood’ hue, a richly evocative name for the most prized colour in a ruby. So highly sought are they today that we venture across the globe in search of these rarest-of-all rubies.

“A spectacular symbol of passion and desire, rubies have inspired devotion throughout the ages.”

Rare Ruby Earrings High Jewellery

Crafted natural treasures

Second only to diamonds in terms of hardness, the resilience of the ruby lends itself perfectly to cutting-edge creativity and design, and unusual cuts and settings – a challenge relished by the generations of craftsmen in our Bond Street atelier.

Ruby Earrings High Jewellery

A true labour of love

The House of David Morris carefully gathers the finest stones from around the world, with only the most beautiful brought to our New Bond Street atelier in London, where they are crafted into contemporary pieces that dip into the past whilst looking toward the future.

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