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June 2023


Jeremy Morris’ Private Mykonos Residence


Strictly invite only, guest list will be in operation

Discovering the Pinnacle of Luxury, Jewels, and Mykonian Beauty

Mykonos, the captivating jewel of the Aegean Sea, has always been known for its enchanting “White Light,” pristine beaches, and vibrant bougainvillea flowers adorning the picturesque landscape. During the summer month of June, this idyllic island became the backdrop for a truly exceptional event that combined opulent jewellery, luxury yachting, and the mesmerising allure of Mykonos – all curated by the renowned London jeweller, David Morris. Hosted at the exclusive private residence of Jeremy Morris, CEO and Creative Director, a connoisseur of fine living, this two-day event brought together guests from all corners of the world for an unforgettable experience.

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Day one: Private jewellery viewings

The event commenced with an intimate gathering at Jeremy Morris’s magnificent Mykonian residence, where guests were invited to attend exclusive private viewings of the latest David Morris High Jewellery designs.

The brand synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled design presented a stunning array of pieces featuring rare Paraiba tourmalines. These mesmerising gems, renowned for their ethereal turquoise hue, perfectly mirrored the vibrant shades of the Aegean Sea.

As the sun set over the azure horizon, the guests were captivated by the intertwining of elegance and natural beauty. The brilliance of pink diamonds, coveted for their beauty and scarcity, finds a captivating reflection in the blooming petals of bougainvillea, adorning Mykonos with bursts of colour. As these two natural wonders harmonize in colour, they create an unforgettable symphony of pink splendour.

On the first night of this exquisite event, amidst the golden hour’s enchantment, a cocktail event hosted at Jeremy Morris’s Mykonos residence set the stage for an exquisite jewellery presentation. Models graced the scene in ethereal Ellie Saab Couture dresses, each piece meticulously crafted to enhance the allure of David Morris’s extraordinary creations. The harmonious union of Haute Couture and High Jewellery ignited a sense of sophistication and elegance, leaving guests spellbound as they eagerly anticipated the night’s grand dinner celebration.

The guests sat down to an intimate dinner served on the glistening sea-view terraces of Mr Morris’s private residence. The seven-course menu was carefully crafted to showcase the best of modern Greek cuisine, with a fusion of traditional flavours and contemporary twists. Each dish was a work of art, thoughtfully prepared by a Master Chef who showcased their culinary expertise. Mr Morris himself took great pride in handpicking a selection of fine wines to complement the flavours of the dinner, further elevating the dining experience.

As the sun dipped below the horizon on the first night, the festivities took an enchanting turn. Guests experienced an exhilarating and unforgettable evening of entertainment, where the spot-lit pool became a stage for a spectacle of awe-inspiring performances. Famed Mykonos drag act, The Starlettes, brought their electrifying presence, dazzling the audience with their charisma and talent. The night sky came alive with a breathtaking display of mesmerising fire performers. To add to the magic, synchronised swimmers gracefully glided through the pool, their choreographed routines seamlessly blending with the rhythm of the night. It was a night of pure enchantment, where the guests revelled in the fusion of artistic brilliance and the splendour of Mykonos, creating unforgettable memories that would linger long after the stars had faded.

Day two: Spectacular sailing to Delos

On the second day, the guests embarked on a new adventure, setting sail from the shores of Jeremy Morris’s private beach to the sacred island of Delos for a private tour. The radiant Mykonos sun and gentle sea breeze provided the ideal atmosphere for this unforgettable journey.

Delos, a small but historically significant island in the Aegean Sea, is steeped in mythology, with a strong association with the ancient Greek god Apollo. According to legend, Delos is believed to be the birthplace of Apollo, making it a sacred site and a centre of worship for the deity in ancient times.

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The island of Delos, set the stage for a Mediterranean-inspired luncheon, exquisitely catered by the renowned beach club restaurant Alemagou. Nestled amidst millennia-old ruins and overlooking the azure waves, guests indulged in a culinary journey of delectable Greek delicacies.

As glasses were raised to toast the fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary craftsmanship, the enchanting history of Delos embraced all, creating a truly unforgettable experience. The grand finale was celebrated with a music-filled evening at Scorpios, one of Mykonos’s most prestigious beach clubs. The venue’s clifftop setting, accented by the sunset and soft glow of lanterns and the fragrant scent of bougainvillea flowers perfectly complemented the allure of David Morris’s exquisite jewellery.

The harmony of the ocean and rare gemstones

Throughout the two-day extravaganza, the parallels between the Paraiba tourmalines and the ocean became apparent. Both are iridescent wonders of nature, displaying a mesmerizing range of hues, from the serene blues of calm waters to the intense, vivid turquoise reminiscent of the rarest treasures from the depths of the sea.

This event at exemplified the perfect harmony of luxury, natural beauty, and exceptional craftsmanship. It brought together the richness of Mykonos’s ancient culture and landscape with the allure of David Morris’s timeless creations.

As the guests bid their farewells and left the island, they carried with them not only the most radiant jewels but the indelible memories of an extraordinary experience that will forever be etched in their hearts.

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Mykonos, the island of “White Light,” bougainvillea flowers, and the Aegean Ocean, now has an added layer of brilliance – a touch of David Morris’s masterful artistry that will forever resonate with those who were fortunate enough to be a part of this exceptional event.

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