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Explore our new and exclusive jewellery packaging, complimentary to every order and designed with the environment and future in mind.

Hosting our house colours and traditional simplistic theme, the new David Morris packaging has been designed in our classic pink and bronze accents which has accompanied the brand through many years of careful craftsmanship. Whether you’re buying an engagement ring, pearl necklace or wedding jewellery set, each order is shipped and delivered with complimentary gift wrapping, including a tie ribbon branded bag, a box sleeve and a cushion-protected storage box. These boxes have also been produced with specialist measurements to ensure the right amount of space and resources are being used for all David Morris orders.

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Sustainable packaging

With sustainability in mind, we have crafted our new packaging using 100% recyclable material for the bags and, although the boxes are not recyclable, they are ideal for travelling and reusing time and time again. When purchasing one of our pieces, we also advise you to keep them protected and cared for, with the box being the ideal place to store your jewellery throughout the day. Find out more about caring for your gemstones and gold and platinum jewellery.

Gift wrapping

When ordering a gift from David Morris, we understand that you may want to take a glance before handing it over or even wrap it yourself. By letting us know you are purchasing a gift for someone else, we will ensure that your order comes unwrapped, with an extra ribbon and flattened bag inside to ensure the quality and sleek finish remain intact.

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