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You’ve probably heard of the silver or gold anniversary marking the achievements of a 25 and 50-year-long marriage, but every year, a specific metal or gemstone makes an appearance to resemble the love and commitment shared. Whether it’s in the form of jewellery, artwork or home decor, these anniversary stones make for the perfect gift for someone you know or your own significant other.

David Morris is proud and committed to crafting luxurious jewellery of globally recognised gemstones that reflect timeless style, love, friendship and craftsmanship. From rings, necklaces, bangles and earrings, our selection of high jewellery is the perfect option for a wedding anniversary or wedding jewellery set. Shop our Anniversary gift guide and find something to cherish forever.

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1st Wedding Anniversary: Gold

The first-year anniversary is the purest, with the honeymoon phase and marriage bubble still intact and is always a huge achievement for the couple to celebrate. As a gift for him or her, you could invest in some classic gold jewellery or pendants which can forever resemble that first year of love and excitement.

Discover our selection of gold jewellery

2nd Wedding Anniversary: Garnet

Appearing in several colours, including yellow, green and pink, red garnet is the classic choice for use in jewellery and therefore a token of the 2nd year wedding anniversary. It’s a relatively hard stone and can be used in any jewellery piece or design.

3rd Wedding Anniversary: Pearls

Resembling vintage yet timeless style, pearls are the epitome of class and elegance. The 3rd anniversary can be celebrated and cherished through Pearl jewellery and accessories from rings to necklaces. Pearls are also designed in a selection of different colour tones, meaning there is an option for everyone. For men, anything inlaid with mother-of-pearl is also a great gift for this wedding anniversary.

David Morris Pearl Jewellery

5th Wedding Anniversary: Sapphire

The Sapphire stone is also found in many colours, though the classic and most prolific choice is blue. Sapphire is a hard and durable gemstone, offering an amazing option for lifelong jewellery that adds a sense of luxury to any look. A 5 year wedding anniversary is considered a big milestone for many couples so sapphire gifts are the perfect way to resemble the memories already shared. The sapphire is also the gemstone for the 45th wedding anniversary.

Discover our selection of Sapphire Jewellery

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8th Wedding Anniversary: Tourmaline

Whatever your favourite colour, tourmaline jewellery is the perfect option for those looking for unique, personalised jewellery. Tourmaline is often heated or irradiated to create an array of colours, and the treatments are considered permanent which leaves us with a diverse selection of jewellery that match different styles and fashion trends.

David Morris Paraiba Tourmaline Jewellery

10th Wedding Anniversary: Diamond

Ten years of marriage absolutely qualifies as a milestone and is a huge achievement for couples around the world. And what better way to resemble this achievement than with a classic diamond? For her, this is a perfect opportunity to add a diamond anniversary ring to her engagement ring and wedding band, with many people now investing in an eternity ring to resemble the everlasting love and loyalty shared. For him, consider a diamond ring or even a diamond stud if he has his ears pierced. Looking to invest in an eternity ring to resemble 10 years of love? Explore our range of eternity rings here or find out the deeper meaning behind these iconic pieces.

14th Wedding Anniversary: Opal

There’s a lot of variety in the Opal gemstone but the most common you’ll find in jewellery is a creamy white which resembles simplicity and elegance. With a rich history and an iconic appearance, Opal jewellery can be found in the form of rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and bracelets.

David Morris Opal Jewellery collection

15th Wedding Anniversary: Ruby

Rubies are true emblems of love and passion with worldwide histories and tales. Most rubies you’ll find today have been heat treated to improve their colour and clarity and are crafted in the purest red. A 15th wedding anniversary is celebrated through this magnificent red gemstone and makes for the perfect jewellery gift for him or her. The ruby is also the chosen gemstone for the 40th wedding anniversary.

David Morris Ruby Jewellery

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20th Wedding Anniversary: Emerald

Celebrate 20 years of marriage with Emerald Green Jewellery. Subtle yet fascinating, emerald gemstones make for the perfect gift for this special occasion and are a reflection of the purity shared. As well as jewellery, emeralds can also be found in art, trinkets, home accessories and decor. The Emerald is also the gemstone for the 35th wedding anniversary.

Our Emerald Jewellery collection

25th Wedding Anniversary: Silver Jubilee

The 25th wedding anniversary is known as the silver jubilee, one of the biggest moments in any marriage! There are many options available for gifting in sterling silver for both him and her, from jewellery to home accessories and this is truly a time to spoil. On this momentous occasion, now is also the perfect time to treat your significant other to a silver eternity ring, a thoughtful way to reignite those wedding vows.

30th Wedding Anniversary: Pearl Jubilee

Both cultured and natural pearls are crafted by layers, resembling years of love and commitment that have flourished over time. Since the pearl is also the gem for the third anniversary, this makes for a good opportunity to add to or upgrade your pearl jewellery collection. As well as statement jewellery, pearl gifts could also come in the form of framed art, ornaments, clothing and accessories.

Pearl Jewellery Collection

50th Anniversary: Golden Jubilee

Half a century of marriage is one of, if not the biggest moments any married couple will celebrate. Resembling the true definition of loyalty and commitment, what other gemstone would resemble this partnership other than a classic Golden Jubilee? Whether it’s in the form of gold jewellery or a handpainted art piece, treating the one you love to a golden token is the ideal way to ignite that flame.

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60th Wedding Anniversary: Diamond

60 years is a long time, with love and commitment for each other being at the core of this relationship. Diamond jewellery is a luxurious way to mark this occasion and can either be gifted between husband and wife or relatives who have seen this marriage blossom. Diamonds are forever and by gifting this iconic gemstone, you are also resembling its rich history and deeper symbolism.

White Diamond Jewellery by David Morris

70th Wedding Anniversary: Platinum Jubilee

The 70th anniversary is the platinum jubilee, an iconic occasion that everyone will want to celebrate. Platinum is a durable and rare white metal that was largely unavailable at the time anyone celebrating a 70th anniversary got married so truly reflects the time and commitment shared. Platinum jewellery is crafted in the highest quality finishings and is the perfect way to unite love, especially if you were to invest in matching jewellery.

80th Wedding Anniversary: Ruby Jubilee

The 80th anniversary is the ruby jubilee and is the perfect time to invest in rich, ruby jewellery that possesses an iconic history of myths, legends and historical events. Many people may also invest in personalised features to accompany these jewels in the form of engraving or customisation.

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