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A white diamond is one of the most precious and sought-after gems, appreciated by a wide selection of countries, religions and cultures. With an extensive history and symbolisms that date back to ancient times, the white diamond is filled with beauty and rarity. Their unique shape, clarity and striking finish make them some of the most lavish stones on the market, gaining popularity in the form of jewellery and other aesthetic accessories.

David Morris white diamond jewellery has been handcrafted and designed with exquisite detail, the perfect gift for engagements, anniversaries, valentines day, festivities or eternity bands. Carefully cut with high-standard colour, clarity and carat, discover our selection of white diamonds or arrange a consultation to find your perfect piece.

What is a white diamond?

The white diamond is a colourless natural diamond, considered one of the rarest and most sought-after types. Adorned with a pure white hue which symbolises luxury and purity, a white diamond is also a symbol of knowledge used throughout history. White diamonds come in a variety of different shapes and sizes but always retain a radiant sparkle to transpire their brilliance. A true white natural diamond is not colour-graded according to the GIA’s D-to-Z colour scale as they are not colourless, they are white. As a body colour, white does not appear in the spectrum, but is instead, the result of all the colours combined.

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History of the white diamond

White and colourless stones are significant treasures used for engagement rings and commitment gifts. White diamonds form under extreme pressure within the Earth’s core, where temperatures reach up to 2200 degrees Celsius. The result is a natural diamond with no impurities or inclusions.

The Victorians first introduced the importance of true love and affection in marriage and popularised the use of these diamonds in engagement rings throughout America, England, and Europe in the 19th century. In addition to being used as precious gems, white diamonds were also once believed to hold spiritual powers by cultures around the world and came with a string of meanings, symbolisms and values.

Symbolism and meaning

White diamonds have been seen as having spiritual and supernatural properties for many years. Not only does its attractiveness make it desirable but also has properties including strength and durability. Believed to be a symbol of purity, innocence, and eternity, some cultures also value white diamonds as a sense of power, knowledge and wisdom, leading to a brighter future. White diamonds can also mean:

  • The power to encourage the growth of the mind, offering wearers knowledge and a fulfilling happy life
  • Finding true love which lasts for an eternity
  • Purifying energy and removing any negative energy which may be stored in one’s mind or environment
  • Gaining success and productivity

In more modern times, the white diamond is also the birthstone of April. These diamonds can be found in many forms, including raw stones or faceted gemstone jewellery, holding a special meaning for people who were born between these dates. It’s also associated with the zodiac sign Aries, symbolising clarity and determination and offering strength and courage to those wearing them.

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Grading white diamond jewellery

White diamonds have a multitude of uses, many of which have a high consideration of quality and aesthetics. Predominantly used in the jewellery industry, white diamonds can be cut into any shape, size, or colour, making them highly desirable for a luxury gift or possession.

Colour, clarity, cut and carat are the four characteristics in which white diamonds are graded with each of these attributes affecting the overall price and finish. Grading white diamonds provides buyers with an accurate assessment of the stone’s value so that they can make an informed purchase decision.

Quality assurance may also accompany many white diamonds for extra confidence before buying so that customers know their worth and quality.

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White Diamond Jewellery Handcrafted by the London Jeweller

Whether you’re celebrating a significant anniversary or are looking for a special festive gift, there is no greater stone than the white diamond. Handcrafted and preserved in simplicity, white diamond jewellery is the epitome of class and elegance.

Symbolic of faithfulness and love, it’s little wonder that white diamonds have become the go-to stone for engagement rings, anniversaries, eternity bands or wedding jewellery sets. From dazzling stacked bangles to simple stud earrings, our selection of prestigious white diamonds is designed and crafted with the utmost intricacy and craftsmanship.

Arrange a consultation with one of our diamond experts and find your perfect white diamond or visit us in-store to see the beauty in plain sight.

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